• Price or Value…Have Both

    The Lynchburg Insurance Group understands that in today’s economic environment the line between price and value has become increasingly blurred. This is especially true in the area auto insurance. Although admittedly humorous, the onslaught of creative auto insurance marketing campaigns has shifted the focus away from personal asset protection to that of comic relief snippets. We believe that “real people” provide greater value, superior advice and better service than cartoons, cavemen and crazed cashiers. Don’t choose between price and value…have both!

    Sometimes dermatological treatments can be scary for beginner patients, however I think we are in a time when we should not be so afraid of procedures that will make our lives happier and more pleasant. That is why I am always looking for new places that know how to carry out all these processes, without ever losing their quality and good service, and if you are like me, I hope you can visit this website.


    Price or Value…Have Both
  • Perspective…Changes Everything

    Sweat the small stuff! Why? Because The Lynchburg Insurance Group understands that small details, deviations and slight changes determine the effectiveness of your risk management and insurance program. We understand that no two organizations, or two families for that matter, are the same. We don’t make assumptions about your business or personal insurance needs. Rather we invest the time, resources and expertise needed to gain a full understanding of your specific situation. The Lynchburg Insurance Group believes in delivering tangible results for our clients.

    Perspective…Changes Everything
  • The Difference…Education

    You know your business better than anyone. However, most insurance agents and agencies don’t have a formal process established for getting to know your business and understanding your operations. The Lynchburg Insurance Group understands that with better information come better decisions. Whether it’s auto insurance, homeowners insurance or business insurance our agency is committed to asking the right questions and providing you with meaningful answers. The Lynchburg Insurance Group is redefining the phrase Insurance Agent.

    The Difference…Education
  • Our Approach…No Surprises

    Do you really know what your policies are covering? We do. The Lynchburg Insurance Group goes beyond “apples-to-apples” comparisons used by many other insurance agents and agencies. We conduct a thorough review of your existing insurance policies to make sure that your insurance program aligns with your business operations and risk exposures. The Lynchburg Insurance Group believes that transparency and open communication is the foundation to better understanding your business.

    Our Approach…No Surprises
  • Lynchburg Business Magazine

    It is hard to believe that it is actually Lynchburg portrayed in the black and white pictures hanging on the walls of The Lynchburg Insurance Group in Wyndhurst. Classic cars line the streets in one snapshot of downtown and the landmarks are easily recognizable in others. It is a photographic tribute to early Lynchburg and for owner C.J. Hagerty, it is respect for an old school way of doing business in his hometown. Read more by clicking here.

    Lynchburg Business Magazine

Welcome to The Lynchburg Insurance Group

The Lynchburg Insurance Group is a full service professional Independent Insurance Agency located in Lynchburg, VA.  Our agency prides itself in only representing the most financially secure insurance companies available on the market. We provide a broad array of services and products tailored to meet the needs of both families and businesses. Whether its homeowners insurance, auto insurance or business insurance, The Lynchburg Insurance Group takes a keen interest in you, the client, and develops an insurance product to meet your specific exposures.

The Lynchburg Insurance Group was founded based on a single premise; most businesses and families are underserved with regard to the level of insurance and risk management advice that is typically provided by their current insurance agent or agency. As is often the case, many individuals don’t know or don’t understand what their current insurance policies cover, the exclusions that take away coverage, and the conditions that must be met in order for coverage to apply when a loss occurs. We do more than simply “sell you a policy”; we’ll provide the tools and information that you need in order to make an educated insurance purchasing decision.

Let us show you that there is a difference!




Pay As You Drive auto insurance, also known as Usage Based Insurance (UBI), allow drivers to pay their auto insurance premiums based primarily on the annual mileage driven. If you are a low mileage driver, if you live in a metropolitan area, if you frequently carpool with others or have more vehicles than you do drivers, you may be eligible for discounts of up to 25 percent!  In fact, simply by enrolling in the Pay As You Drive program you will automatically save 5 percent on your auto insurance premium. This “enrollment discount” is in addition to other discounts that are available, such as, multi-car, multi-policy, accident free, violation free, homeowners, good student, paid-in-full and many more.  To learn more about Pay As You Drive auto insurance contact The Lynchburg Insurance Group.



You can count on The Lynchburg Insurance Group to provide reliable advice, outstanding service and affordable auto insurance rates. Unlike many insurance agencies, The Lynchburg Insurance Group works for you, not the insurance company, and will provide you with an unbiased review of your current auto insurance policy. Rather than just providing an auto insurance quote, we provide an Auto Insurance Analysis for every prospective client. Our agency’s Auto Insurance Analysis will provide you an “apples-to-apples” comparison of your current auto insurance policy with that of The Lynchburg Insurance Group. The results of our agency’s findings will be provided to you in a hard copy format. We will specifically outline your auto insurance coverage’s including, limits of liability, deductibles, optional coverage’s and the exclusions within your auto insurance policy. The Lynchburg Insurance Group goes beyond the basics of auto insurance.



The Lynchburg Insurance Group understands that for most individuals and families your home is your largest asset. One of the greatest concerns facing homeowners today is whether their current homeowner’s insurance policy provides the necessary replacement cost coverage limit that is needed in the event of an unforeseeable disaster. The Lynchburg Insurance Group provides clients with a No Surprises approach to homeowners insurance which we outline in detail in our Homeowners Insurance Analysis. Unlike many insurance agencies, we understand that each of our clients has a unique lifestyle, different goals and ultimately very diverse homeowner insurance requirements. The Lynchburg Insurance Group is a solutions driven insurance agency; put our expertise to work for you.



The Lynchburg Insurance Group has built a solid reputation on providing responsible advice, broad coverage, competitive pricing and unsurpassed customer service to clients across Central Virginia. Rather than just providing a price quotation based on the “bare necessities”, The Lynchburg Insurance Group analyzes the risk inherent in your business operations and tailors a solution to meet your specific exposures. Whether it’s insurance for your building, commercial property, equipment, inventory or company vehicles, The Lynchburg Insurance Group offers products and services designed to protect both corporate assets as well as personal assets of the business owner.