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Love Your Valentine’s Day Gift? Insure It!

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and thoughts of people everywhere turn to … jewelry.

About one of four Americans buys jewelry, spending $2,000 per year on average, and industry
experts expect jewelry sales to grow by at least 5% annually through 2025.
Those who don’t buy shiny things for Valentine’s Day may prefer other types of
valuables, such as electronics, artwork, antiques, wine and furs. All totaled,
Valentine’s Day gifts will tally approximately $17 billion of retail sales in

Whatever the purchase, American ...

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Does Volunteering Your Time Mean Volunteering Your Insurance?

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Millions of Americans donate time—their most valuable asset—to
serve as a volunteer board member on non-profits, booster clubs, churches, PTAs
and civic organizations, just to name a few. The decisions these folks make can
have a dramatic impact on their respective organization—and not always for the
better. If a volunteer endeavor goes bad, would a volunteer board member have
coverage against a lawsuit under his or her homeowner’s policy?

Homeowners’ Insurance

The last thing volunteers want to consider is what would
happen ...

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